Jean-François Pons, avec l’aimable autorisation de Europe Jacques Delors 

One of the major areas for progress in the ESG  (Environment, Social, Governance) field, and notably in  the fight against climate change, is the transparency of  companies’ activities in this field and the impact of these  activities on the environment and society in general.

This is why the European Union chose several years ago  to require financial and non-financial companies to regularly publish ESG information on their activities and their  impact. Aside from the regulatory aspect, this information  is of great interest to the financial and economic partners  of these companies, but also increasingly to employees,  local authorities and NGOs. The collection and publication  of these data also allow companies to define strategies for  progress and to measure their effects year after year. 

However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),  including energy-intensive SMEs which are affected the  most by these issues, find it very difficult to collect and  communicate ESG information.


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