Par Jean-François Pons, avec l’aimable autorisation d’Eurofi. 

The European Commission published its proposal for the creation of the European Single Access Point
(ESAP) on 25 November 2021, following a consultation which took place between January and March 2021.
The ESAP will be an EU-wide platform aimed at providing investors with seamless access to financial and sustainability-related information disclosed to the public by companies, including financial firms.
This project had already been proposed by a number of representatives from the financial sector in consultations on a Capital Market Union (CMU) in 2020 (notably by all the European banking associations) and by the High-Level Forum on CMU in July 2020.
This widespread support is linked to the project’s objectives, which are fully aligned with the development of the CMU aims and respond to the needs for increased efforts on transparency for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data.
However, the creation of the ESAP will not be an easy task, as shown by the modalities of the project released last November.