Ecrit par Jean-François Pons et Gwenaelle Varin, avec l’aimable autorisation de Eurofi

[Article en anglais]
The growth of green finance is not only a question of supply, but also of demand. To give one example, 
the ongoing growth of the sales of electric cars to the households triggers a growth of car loans, which are to be considered as green given their object. The demand of electric cars is largely influenced by the  EU legislation which foresees the end of the sales of fossil fuel cars in 2035. This is why it is interesting for  the financial sector to look at the state of execution of the Green Deal legislative programme, which will have 
implications for the demand for sustainable finance in 
the coming years.
In this article, we will focus on the part of the Green Deal designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse 
gas. This comprises some general regulations  – like the Climate law setting the Green Deal and Fit for 55  objectives  – and some sector specific regulations on:
  • renewable energies, and related infrastructure,
  • energy efficiency in industrial production,
  • energy efficiency in transport.
The good news is that a large part of these regulations,  proposed by the European Commission, have been already adopted (part 1) or are near to their approval (part 2)